If you get the chance take a Billie Theide Workshop

Last weekend Billie Theide came to Eastern Michigan University to teach and lecture. Although I could not make the lecture, I did take her two day workshop.

Where to start? Let's just say it was amazing. First, everyone in the room had a BFA except me. It was not intimidating since they obviously were there to learn too!

Billie led us through a few discussions and showed us examples of not only her work but the work of artists from all over the world. Eye-opening. Enlightening. Phenomenal.

The first day's exercise, in the morning, Billie gave us strips of paper and we were instructed to go outside and put something on them. During our review I learned so much along with a few "ah-ha" moments. That afternoon we selected two materials to work with and the results were amazing and educational.

The following day I made the piece posted here. It consists of two materials: muslin strips and paper cord. I love it! But I wish you could see what my fellow students produced - show stoppers!

So, if you'd like to open up and explore new materials I strongly suggest a Billie Theide workshop. Billie is a great teacher and a delightful person.

Oh, and I'm so getting a manikin.

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