Tea and Biscuits? Yep, along with Carol Blackburn this weekend!

This past weekend, Carol Blackburn came to Detroit to not only teach us some incredible patterns and hollow beads in polymer clay but to see the city she's longed to visit. Kathy Weinberg hosted Carol and fulfilled her dream by escorting her to Detroit to see the sites including the famous Joe Louis fist.

On Friday and Saturday Carol taught an amazing workshop filled with good humor and jaw dropping talent. We worked from nine to six to brain overload. From a few blocks of clay (enough for two days donated by FIMO) we learned how to make pattern upon pattern upon pattern. Hollow beads? A snap when Carol shows you her how to's. The photo below is Carol's work. Be sure to check out her book "How To Make Polymer Clay Beads" available on Amazon.com.

Here's a tip that went around the room:

From Lisa Pavelka - you don't have to buy new blades, just sand (400 or 600 grit) your old blades and they'll work like new! Thanks Lisa!

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