Taking Workshops

Everywhere you look a workshop is being offered in various unlimited subjects.

Art, travel, how to build a boat, writing, spirituality, minimalize your life, do this,

not that, mixed media, jewelry, dollmaking. Master Classes sound inviting and

are thriving.

Yikes, so many workshops, so little time.

So how do you choose? Are you addicted? Is your studio overflowing with stuff

purchased for each and every workshop you've taken yet never used again? (Hell yes!).

Workshops appeal to all levels of artists. Sometimes an established artist partakes

in a workshop that offers a new approach to an old technique. Newbies desire

to push further and others just want to broaden their own creativity through

mixed media expression. Trick is to understand your purpose in continued education

or knowing when you can say "stop taking and start making".

What do you do with all the left over stuff from workshops you've taken,

loved it or leave it, but no longer need?

One idea might be to offer future students your stash by connecting with the

instructor offering your contact info and sell it a reduced cost. Since you're not alone

in this hoarder's dilemma. You can also donate it.

Either way, a workshop will always offer you something you never learnt before,

even if it's just a new tool you can't possibly live without.

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