Pain, pain go away

Pain is the most talked about subject these days, because it's a constant, habitual, oy-vey, misery loves company sorta thing. Boy, that was a pain-in-the-ass to do. Ugh, bending over is a bitch! Ouch!!! Ouch!!! Ouch!!! Joints, muscles, head, teeth, feet. If it's a part of your body, you're gonna feel pain at some point while you're in it.

Aside from hurting it interferes with your life. especially if you are an artist in any medium. Who can be creative when a tooth is screaming for help? How can you think straight or even not straight, when you can't sit because your spine is out of alignment. What is there to do about it?

Ask the Universe for help! Ask for guidance to find it. It works every time!

Shower yourself with happiness,


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