Shapewear vs Girdles

While driving around today, with my trusty companion Bella (dog), I listened to a podcast whose host interviewed an author who has taken a stance against body shaming. I am truly sorry, but I cannot find the podcast to share with you, nor do I remember either of their names. But let me tell you the gist of it. First, my experience with body shaming.

After graduating Catholic high school, at the age of 16, I opted to go to work. This is 1965. (I had been working since I was 12, but this was official.) My mother would not let me leave the house without a girdle on. It was disgraceful for a girl's behind to shake or shimmy while she walked, it would send the wrong message to boys.

In retrospect, it was no different than corsets pulled so tight women took the risk of passing out, all for the glory of having a small, demure waist, for the pleasure of a man. I will concede that a girdle is far less dangerous, albeit still confining and done in the name of shame.

What they discussed on the podcast was society body shaming women, even in this day (as if it were centuries ago). They talked about Shapewear, they talked about women never feeling their bodies are good enough, they talked more importantly about Capitalism's role in shaming.

It's time we find our voice and started loving our bodies the way they are and not the way so many industries dictate how they ought to be. It's time to start loving yourself. (If I come across the podcast I will share.)

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