January 20, 2021

It's inauguration day and our country, along with the world, is breathing a sigh of relief. Facebook carried posts from all over the world stating the elation people were feeling and the tears shed for a promising new start.

Joe Biden has wanted to be president for a very long time. History will tell the story of the many roadblocks he faced to fulfill his dream. Yet maybe there's another reason, one that goes beneath the surface.

If Joe Biden had been elected before November, 2020 he would not be our president when we needed him the most. From the moment he decided to run, and even before, he was destine to save our country. He was held back so he could overthrow a vile administration, because only Joe could do it. No one else would have beat Trump, no one else could heal and unite the country like Joe. No one else has the empathy, training, and love. He's the daddy, grandpa, uncle that we knew had the power and he was held back to save the day. For if he'd won the presidency in the past, today may have turned out differently. Let that sink in.

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