Overdue post on latest workshops taken

There are two workshops I've taken since July 2017 and this is the first chance I've had to post about them.


The first was with Richard Salley. He is an amazing metal smith and a wonderful teacher. Patient, sharing, with a good sense of humor and he addressed everyone by their first name. That's a bonus in itself.

I traveled to Grand Haven, MI for a few days as it was held at JDS, one of my favorite places.

Richard taught us how to make a locket the first two days and then latches. It was fairly easy, even for a novice like myself. You can find the locket patterns in Tim McCreight's book, which is highly recommended.


Donna flew in from New Jersey to spend two days with MDPAG (Mid-Detroit Polymer Artists Guild). She taught her famous jello-shots (see her website or Facebook page) which I didn't attend. The next day she taught vessels (small decorative bowls) which I did attend. Donna works her magic with a blend of acrylic paints and mediums producing a sheer, layered affect on polymer clay.

Metals and polymer clay. Who could ask for more?


Craftcast.com had their annual "I Love Tools" a few weeks ago. It's free and you can sign up to watch. While you're there check out the videos offered. Great way to see what you may or may not be interested in investing for a small fee. I'm an official "Groupie". Tell Alison Lee I sent you!

Otherwise, it's been a summer full of unexpected events. I am in the process of completing my latest stingray as a gift to a very dear friend of mine. Pictures to follow.

There are a few new photos on my webpage when you get a moment.

See ya soon...


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