2019 Fresh start

It seems life has its way with interfering with your plans. This appears to happen to everyone. You put your happiness on hold for situations that arise and complications you've no control over. Hopefully the spell has past...until next time.

This year started off great! Hadar Jacobson held her yearly intensive at her studio in Berkeley, California. Five days of learning and doing from 8:30 a.m. until 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. daily. And while there was no time for shopping or site-seeing, it was all-good. There was only one half-day the sun peaked out because it rained a lot!

Hadar is an amazing instructor and year after year offers us challenging projects. The sanding hit the fan!

We were joined by two new people who were taken under Hadar's wing. They said they were amazed by her patient instructing and praised at how easy she made it for them.

To re-cap 2018 is difficult. Starting in July of 2017 until July 2018 the following people and pets died: Elaine, (my mother-in-law), Dave (my friend of over 40 yrs), Aunt Martha (also my godmother), Cathy (my sister), Aunt Mary (oldest on my mother's side), Dino (my nephew-in-law), Aunt Ann (father's side), Jeanne (my friend of 48 yrs), Simone (my cat) and Aja (my dog). There were others...it took me time to realized I was mourning constantly.

I adopted a senior dog and she is lovely. My other dog had a fatty tumor removed from the side of his knee. The cat needed dental work and lots of it. She was born with an immune problem, she is only five. Not her first dental surgery.

So, life got in my way. My intention is to start fresh. In April I will attend Clayathon in Jersey. August is Mojo. The fall a jump up to Montreal with a friend. Oh, and Cleveland in July.

I had a big chunk of mess turned into a butterfly garden in November, so I'm looking forward to spring.

Here's a photo of some of the work we did at Hadar's Intensive and one of the backyard at the Airbnb we stayed at.

Warm regards,


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