December 31, 2020

Ah, the year that was bound to drive us all crazy, lazy and/or totally stressed out. Looking back on the events of this past year. it appears to have been a huge cluster dump of negative energy. There's no need to review it, unless you were living in a cave, where many of us would've preferred to be hiding. Wake me when's it over!

Tomorrow is the promise of new beginnings aka resolutions, which are rarely kept. Especially gym memberships. You can Google why. It may be better off to not make resolutions but instead set intentions. When an intention is set it keeps. No need for a journal, no need for a membership, no need to feel guilty or ashamed.

So set your intention. Start small. Example: My intention is to arrive at work safely, peacefully and securely. It works every time.

Hoala! And may 2021 bring us the arrival of positive new beginnings.

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