Artists are asked all the time where does their inspiration come from. Most often the answer is nature. That's pretty simple. Nature is everywhere, even in big cities. How does nature inspire an artist? Tree branches come to mind immediately, especially this time of year when they are barren and exposed. There's a fascinating display of branches that crisscross each other, curve or curl, shoot straight out and are entangled. Twists, turns, up, down, east, west. If you're looking for a shape or a unique bezel just look at a tree. Easy.

Other artists can be also be inspirational. If you take a workshop you will be inspired to be creative by possibly copying the teacher with the intent of developing your own style with their technique. Another way another artist can be inspiring is by seeing how they have stretched the boundaries. You have an creative idea floating in your mind, but you're not sure about how to execute it or afraid to add an element that might be over the top or you're simply not sure. Then you see something done by an artist that tells you your idea is perfectly fine. This has nothing to do with copying, just simply the go ahead, giving yourself permission to express your creation safe and securely. Happens all the time, even when you're not aware of it.

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